Educational Materials A-K

MomsFirst Community Health Workers provide education on a variety of topics. It is important to us that the information they use be shared widely.

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Car Seat Safety

Keep up to date with the latest recommendations, guidelines and laws.

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Child Development

Keep up with your growing and changing baby! Learn what to expect and what you can do to encourage your baby's development.

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Dental Care 

A visit to the dentist is an important part of pregnancy.


Family Planning

Do you want to have a baby in the next year? Explore your options here.


Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

There is no safe amount of alcohol during pregnancy.


Gestational Diabetes

Know the risk factors and what to do if you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes.


Gun Safety

How to keep your children safe.



Make informed decisions about vaccines for yourself and your children.


Intimate Partner Violence

1 in 3 women has been a victim of physical violence by a partner. Learn more about the cycle of abuse and how to get help.