Planners: Me & My Big Ideas

Have you ever been THAT planner girl who lives and breathes all things Happy Planner? Have you ever been THAT planner girl who truly believes that planning will “lit-er-al-ly change your life!”? Have you ever been THAT planner girl who tries so desperately to get a friend or family member to start planning with you? Well, if you answered YES to all of the above just know you are not alone. The MomsFirst Adolescent Component is “planning” with their participants in the form of their 2nd annual Movie and a Plan event. This planning session was led by Ms. Valarie who is the mother to Ms. ShenettaMarie, MomsFirst Community Health Worker at the May Dugan Center.


The Happy Planner is an expandable creative planner system that combines the love of creativity with the need for organization, and lets you add even more personalization to your planner. The MomsFirst Adolescent Component wanted to do this event to help get the participants on track with their medical visit, the baby’s immunization appointment as well as school assignments.


The event was well attended and everyone enjoyed themselves!