MomsFirst Community Liaisons

The word “liaison” has multiple definitions, often involving things like communication, facilitation, and cooperation. The most interesting, however, is in the world of cooking. A “liaison” can also come from an egg yolk in a sauce- the yolk becomes the binding agent that brings it together. This is an interesting but rather accurate way to think of the job of our MomsFirst Community Liaisons. They work to be the binding agents, the force connecting our project with the broader community.

Beginning earlier this year, MomsFirst began to welcome six new Community Liaisons. Since then, these women have been working hard to create a bridge between MomsFirst and other organizations around the city. In a typical work week, you might find a liaison meeting with the director of a nonprofit, working to create a partnership between the two organizations that allow us to serve even more women. Liaisons might be sitting at MomsFirst table at a resource fair, making connections with participants and community partners alike. If not there, often, our women are out in the community, using a grassroots approach to get the word out about MomsFirst. They are tirelessly becoming known resources for the community, recruiting participants and inspiring community members to become infant mortality ambassadors.

The MomsFirst table, staffed by Catherine Robinson, at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

The MomsFirst table, staffed by Catherine Robinson, at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

 The liaison position is an exciting opportunity to add another element to the MomsFirst family. The liaisons are working to be that binding agent that this project is looking for. Together, we’re all working to fight for the lives of babies and families in Cleveland.

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